At SUNBEAMsystem we strongly believe in a care-free experience. This is why we created the Multi Connect platform: an app-based network to knit all your SUNBEAMsystem tech together. The Multi Connect app (available on Android and iOS) allows you to both monitor and control your SUNBEAMsystem smart devices.

New in 2021 is the Smart Hub functionality. This setting allows you to use an Android tablet as the central hub. Instantly upgrade your outdated monitoring equipment to a single large touchscreen. No more need for expensive proprietary displays!

Add the proximity sensor to automatically wake your screen when you are close, turning off when nobody’s around to save energy. Our magnet mount will keep your tablet firmly in place but also allows you to easily detach it for normal use.

With the Smart Hub permanently connected to all devices in your network, it is possible to connect all family smartphones via the Hub to the Multi Connect network simultaneously. Remote internet access to the Smart Hub will soon be rolled out.


Multi-layered Safety, Multiple Electronic Safeguards & Mechanical Fire Safety Valves


Solar Charge Controller Optimized For Yachts And Motorhomes