Magnet Wall Mount

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Mobile Smart Home compatible: Elevates your digital ecosystem.
Tablet-to-Hub Conversion: Use with SUNBEAMsystem App.
Magnetic Wall Mount: Easy installation, strong hold.
Clean Setup: Stable, detachable, with hidden cable.
Fits Any Tablet: Adjustable, unobstructive design.

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Package Highlights

This comprehensive solution is ideal for integrating technology seamlessly into your mobile home, managing everything from lighting and temperature to security, without sacrificing style or energy efficiency.

4 Wall Magnet Mount Brackets

Secure your tablet to the wall with ease using precut 3M adhesive tape. The brackets’ recessions perfectly align with magnets on your tablet for a firm grip.

Robust Mag-Mount System

Engineered to withstand any movement, these brackets ensure your tablet stays put, yet can be easily detached for security reasons or maintenance.

Recessed USB-C Cable

A USB-C cable, designed for modern tablets, allows for a clean installation. It can be routed through a hole behind the bracket or along the wall if necessary.

Universal Fit

Suitable for any tablet size, the brackets can be adjusted to not obstruct tablet features like volume buttons. The charging port is adaptable to any tablet side.

Multi Connect App & Mobile Smart Home

Unparalleled Convenience at your Fingertips

Unlock unparalleled convenience aboard your yacht or RV with the free Mobile Smart Home feature within the Multi Connect app. With just a flip of a switch in the app, you can effortlessly integrate smart home capabilities into your mobile lifestyle. Opt for a tablet of your choice, select the ideal size for your space, and mount it securely using our Universal Wall Mount Kit for an efficient, stylish control panel/instrument. Incorporate our Screen Power Saver (PIR) to ensure that your central hub maintains minimal energy usage.

Key Features

·       Scalable Control: Start with basic local control via Bluetooth, and seamlessly add more products for expanded capabilities. The app excels in managing multiple products, vessels, and users, enhancing usability with each addition.

·       Local & Internet Monitoring: For comprehensive monitoring, simply add a tablet with the app installed to serve as a hub. This setup allows for local sharing (Bluetooth) with family members and remote access via the internet, providing real-time updates through the app and a dedicated web page.

·       Integrated Communication: SUNBEAMsystem products such as SMART LITHIUM, MOONRAY, and Smart Battery Monitor (Shunt) feature built-in communication, allowing for easy monitoring and control via the app. Set up a smart home system with local or internet-based remote control and information sharing.

·       Customizable Interface: Personalize the app’s layout to suit your preferences and manage multiple vessels with ease. Benefit from continuous free updates and new features.

·       Intuitive Notifications & Indicator: Effortlessly monitor battery status with the state of charge displayed alongside your phone’s battery level.

·       Aggregate Group Information: View your entire battery group as a unified whole, avoiding the need to toggle between individual units.

·       Sensor & Product Integration: Display and control other compatible hardware, enhancing the versatility of your setup.

Integration with Key SUNBEAMsystem Products:

SMART LITHIUM: Monitor and manage your lithium batteries with ease. The app provides detailed information and notifications to ensure optimal performance.

MOONRAY Charge Controllers: Aggregate information from multiple charge controllers for a comprehensive view of your solar energy system, enhancing efficiency and usability.

Smart Battery Monitor (Shunt): Gain detailed insights into your battery status and performance, with intuitive notifications and indicators for easy management.

For full vessel control, add peripheral products to display and manage additional compatible hardware. Utilize the SUNBEAMsystem universal wall mount kit and an internet connection to transform your tablet into a central hub, maximizing both local and remote functionalities.

Experience the benefits of the Multi Connect App, a powerful tool for efficient and comprehensive management of your SUNBEAMsystem products.

Pair it with the Smart Screen Power Saver


Power Consumption1mA @ 12V
Housing Size5.6 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm
Power ConsumptionWeightSize
1mA @ 12V32g5.6 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 8 cm