MoonRay Bluetooth Dongle


Allows you to connect your MoonRay Controller with our free app (IOS and Android) and access all its features through your cell phone.

Length: 67mm
Width: 51mm
Height: 24mm


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Control MoonRay MPPT controller every aspects with our Android and IOS Multi Connect app

With the optional Bluetooth module, you gain full control of your system with the SUNBEAMsystem app. Not only does it feature real-time data at your hand, it also allows you to stack multiple MoonRay controllers in a single overview. Any SMART LITHIUM batteries installed in the system will automatically be included, allowing you to review the full system from the palm of your hand.

Connects simultaneously to all SUNBEAMsystem devices onboard

No need to manually alternate and connect to different devices or investing in a special onboard network.

Configurable grouping of multi devices to show them as one cluster

According to your personal configuration you will be able to display the whole cluster of lets say all your MoonRay’s as one unit. Name it as you like and conveniently display the joint data as one.

Displays out of focus notifications

Conveniently get updated info regarding your solar charging even without having to find the app and have it in focus. In Android you might even choose to have a small indicator in the top-bar.

Screen size adaptation

Do you want to put a tablet on the wall showing data in big style. Group it and mingle the information as you like it and have the Charge in focus if you like it that way.

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