Smart Battery Monitor Light


The Smart Battery Monitor LIGHT is a voltage sensing remote instrument for measuring a 12V battery State of Charge (SOC).

● Ultra-Compact: Minimal design, low power use.
● Better SOC: Enhanced accuracy with smart estimation.
● Starter Battery Focus: Optimized for monitoring.
● Local & Internet Monitoring: Instant setup with remote insights.

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Introducing the Smart Battery Monitor LIGHT, your essential companion for maintaining the health and efficiency of your 12V battery systems. This compact, voltage-sensing device is ingeniously designed to provide you with real-time State of Charge (SOC) measurements, offering a new level of precision and convenience in battery monitoring.

Key Features

Robust and Compact Design

Engineered for durability and a minimal footprint, it integrates seamlessly with your battery setup without noticeable power consumption.

Seven-Step Accuracy Level

Delivers SOC information with seven levels of precision, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your battery’s status.

Enhanced with Smart Estimation

For periods of charge or discharge, activate the smart guessing feature in the settings to improve accuracy. This innovative algorithm enhances the SOC estimation, providing you with more reliable data during dynamic battery conditions.

Optimized for Starter Batteries

Ideal for monitoring starter batteries, which typically remain disconnected during engine off-states. Its voltage sensing capability is tailored for applications where the battery spends most of its time at rest, making it exceptionally suitable for supervising starter batteries in vehicles and vessels.

Easy Integration

Simply connect it to your battery poles, and it powers up instantly. Find and manage it effortlessly through our Multi Connect App.

While the Smart Battery Monitor LIGHT offers enhanced accuracy with its smart guessing algorithm, it’s important to note that for applications requiring the highest precision, such as domestic battery banks, we recommend the Smart Battery Monitor Shunt (available in 500A and 1000A versions). The LIGHT version, however, stands out as a cost-effective solution for monitoring starter batteries, providing critical insights into battery health, especially in situations of prolonged inactivity which may lead to self-discharge.

If you are in need of product consumption measuring for maximizing energy efficiency, then check out our Smart Power Monitor Shunt. It connects easily in-line, tracking consumption in real-time and delivering data to your app, both locally and via internet with our Mobile Smart Home.

For those seeking to monitor their battery’s state of charge without constant charging or for those away from their vehicle or vessel for extended periods, the Smart Battery Monitor

LIGHT offers a practical solution. It’s an excellent addition to our Mobile Smart Home ecosystem, allowing for remote monitoring and notifications via our Free Mobile Smart Home solution, ensuring peace of mind and the longevity of your battery, avoiding bad surprises.

Realtime Monitoring

Local & Remote via Internet

The enhanced Smart Mobile Home feature enables you to transform a tablet into a central command center, complete with display capabilities. Utilizing our Multi Connect app, you can effortlessly share and manage data with family members nearby. Moreover, the option to enable internet connectivity expands your ability to exchange information seamlessly across your and your family members’ devices.

This functionality facilitates real-time monitoring and control of data from your batteries, as well as from other devices compatible with Smart Mobile Home. Additionally, you gain access to a personal webpage by logging in, where you can view and analyze all your compiled data and statistics in one convenient location.

Multi Connect App

Unparalleled Convenience at your Fingertips

Exclusively for SUNBEAMsystem battery users, the Multi Connect APP revolutionizes the way you manage multiple batteries within a domestic bank. It stands out with its array of user-centric features:

Seamless Integration with BMS
Directly access comprehensive battery information without the need for external sensors or shunts, ensuring you get accurate data straight from the source.

Intuitive Notifications & Top Bar Indicator
Maintain awareness of your vessel’s battery status effortlessly. The app displays your battery’s state of charge right alongside your phone’s battery level for constant visibility, complemented by informative notifications.

Aggregate Group Information
Designed with the understanding that batteries often function in concert, the app presents a unified view of your battery group, eliminating the hassle of toggling between individual units.

Customizable Interface
Tailor the app’s layout and screen size to your preferences. If you have several vessels then easily add them to a quick list. The app continuously evolves, offering free updates and new features to enhance your experience.

Show information from other sensors and products
Show info and control other Multi Connect App compatible hardware.

Local & Internet sharing
Benefit from the Mobile Smart Home solutions.

The MULTI CONNECT APP embodies our dedication to innovation and convenience, providing SUNBEAMsystem users with a smart, streamlined way to manage their battery systems efficiently and effectively.


Elevate Your On-The-Go Living with the Mobile Smart Home Functionality

Experience streamlined management and enhanced convenience with the Multi Connect App, designed specifically for SUNBEAMsystem battery users. This all-in-one app integrates seamlessly with your yacht or RV systems, bringing smart home functionality right to your fingertips. Opt for a tablet of your choice, select the ideal size for your space, and mount it securely using our Universal Wall Mount Kit for an efficient, stylish control panel/instrument. Incorporate our Smart Screen Power Saver (PIR) to ensure that your central hub maintains minimal energy usage.

  • Seamless BMS Integration: Directly access accurate battery data without external sensors.
  • Intuitive Interface & Notifications: Constantly monitor your battery’s status right next to your phone’s battery level, with clear, helpful notifications.
  • Mobile Smart Home Functionality: Transform your space into a smart home with easy-to-use features.
  • Real-Time Access & Control: Manage your battery settings and view group data from anywhere, with options for local and internet sharing.
  • Customizable & Expanding: Tailor the app’s layout to your needs and expand its capabilities with a growing range of compatible devices and sensors.

The Smart Home functionality in the Multi Connect app is specifically designed for yachts and RVs, providing an easy, innovative solution to manage your living space. It not only simplifies control over your environment but also ensures that your mobile home or yacht is equipped with the latest in smart technology, and adaptable to your unique lifestyle needs.


Power Consumption1mA @ 12V
Housing Size5.6 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm
Power ConsumptionWeightSize
1mA @ 12V32g5.6 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 8 cm