SMART LITHIUM DRIVE 48V 10kWh 10kW , Cylindrical cells, Active balancing



10kWh with Stainless Power Matrix & Active Cell Balancing

• Quick Charge  – up to 10kW
• Active Balancing
• Best choice for safety.
• Cylindrical & tab-less 32650 Cells
• 5 Years warranty & 5000 cycles.


End of Charge: 58.4V
(accepts both 57.6V and 58.4V)

Available in backorder - Expect 2 - 4 weeks delivery time

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designed for electrical propulsion

Extreme power delivery

App monitoring



SUNBEAMsystem is a market leader when it comes to marine batteries. The DRIVE model range is part of the SMART LITHIUM family. It suits any energy storage needed for electrical marine propulsion. From the simple trolling motor, to the more advanced bow-mounted trolling motors and up to yachts with built-in electrical engines.

● Internet & Local App Monitoring
● Stainless Power Matrix
● Active Cell Balancing
● 5 Years Warranty
● 3-Layered Safety Design

Extended Range and Enhanced Performance: The DRIVE Battery's Latest Leap

Experience up to 4.5 times the range per unit of carried weight with a DRIVE battery, outperforming traditional lead-acid batteries significantly. Our recent advancements in the SMART LITHIUM series have pushed the boundaries even further, offering an impressive 8% increase in capacity for the same battery size. Alongside, we’ve enhanced the current capabilities, boosting both efficiency and reliability dramatically. Central to our series is an unwavering commitment to innovation, highlighted by regular software updates that ensure our technology remains at the forefront of the industry

Exceptional life expectancy and durability

It’s well-known that lithium batteries provide double the usable capacity of lead-acid counterparts, with considerably lower charging and discharging losses. On top of that SMART LITHIUM’s exceptionally durable cells and configuration ensure minimal capacity loss over time—less than 20% after over 5,000 cycles, often significantly less. This durability also extends to winter use and offers greater flexibility with fewer limitations than traditional lithium batteries.

Alternator Friendly High Performance BMS

The Battery Management System (BMS) is designed to be compatible with alternators, but it necessitates the use of a lead-acid starter battery if you’re employing alternator (motor) charging. For those in search of batteries for domestic or household use, our Plug & Play series is highly recommended. This series is specifically designed to ensure the gentle handling of your alternator, offering a unique solution that stands out in the market. On the other hand, when it comes to energy storage for propulsion, the BMS integrated into our DRIVE battery series is unmatched in performance, offering superior capabilities compared to other options available.

Realtime Monitoring

Local & Remote via Internet

The enhanced Smart Mobile Home feature enables you to transform a tablet into a central command center, complete with display capabilities. Utilizing our Multi Connect app, you can effortlessly share and manage data with family members nearby. Moreover, the option to enable internet connectivity expands your ability to exchange information seamlessly across your and your family members’ devices.

This functionality facilitates real-time monitoring and control of data from your batteries, as well as from other devices compatible with Smart Mobile Home. Additionally, you gain access to a personal webpage by logging in, where you can view and analyze all your compiled data and statistics in one convenient location.

Stainless Power Matrix

Tab-less 3270 cells bolted to a steel structure

A key factor in the success of SUNBEAMsystem’s batteries, particularly the Plug & Play series, is our unique construction method, the Stainless Power Matrix. This process requires significantly more time and investment than the industry standard. Unlike typical methods that favor cost-saving measures like soldering or laser welding, soft plastic frames, and the use of prismatic cells, we instead focus on long-term quality. Our commitment is to craft a product that not only performs superiorly but also embodies excellence in every aspect of its design and functionality.

● Cylindrical cells: For our high-performance models like Plug & Play, we exclusively use cylindrical cells which offer several advantages over prismatic cells, such as better heat resistance, heat dissipation, increased mechanical stability, and lifespan.

● Upgraded to 3270 cells: The bolted 3270 cells we use are unique. They are hard to distinguish from ordinary cells by eye, but their larger size is distinctive. We made the switch from smaller cells many years ago, a move now reflected in the car industry where leading manufacturers (e.g., Tesla and Rivian) are working hard to make a similar technological leap by upgrading from smaller 2170 cells to the larger 4680 cells.

● Cells are NOT connected by soldering: The Plug & Play batteries use tab-less cylindrical cells; we avoid connecting the cells with soft tabs as a battery built in this way has an increased risk of failure during shocks and vibrations (even despite laser welding). Such solutions also create a higher electrical resistance between the cells. Higher resistance results in worse efficiency and performance.

● Cells bolted to a steel structure for stability & better conduction: We use a unique construction that is exceptionally robust both physically and electrically. The individual cells are bolted, one by one, to a frame constructed in stainless steel. This makes the battery incredibly robust and shape-retaining, while also providing excellent heat dissipation. Compare this with an industry where reliance on plastic fixation is all too common.

The construction with a stainless, stable structure and bolted cylindrical cells delivers unbeatable quality over time, with numerous positive effects such as exceptional performance and guaranteed enhanced safety.

Winter Mode

A unique feature only available on SUNBEAMsystem batteries

SUNBEAMsystem batteries come with an exclusive and innovative feature: Winter Mode. This unique capability is a testament to the over-engineering of our batteries, designed to operate flawlessly in cold conditions without sustaining damage. Activating Winter Mode is straightforward – simply adjust the setting in the app based on the weather forecast or upon receiving a notification on your phone. This simple action is all it takes from your end.

While Winter Mode doesn’t negate the temporary capacity reduction inherent to cold weather, it does ensure that your battery can be used without resorting to the energy-intensive heaters that other systems rely on. This means you can continue to use your battery efficiently, even in cold temperatures, without the risk of deadlocking or unnecessary power consumption.

Easy Charge Reboot

Overcoming Depletion Challenges with Ease

One of the standout benefits of lithium batteries is their sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS). A fundamental function of any BMS is to disconnect the battery once it’s depleted, a necessary measure to prevent damage. However, this safety feature can become a significant inconvenience, as it also prevents modern chargers from recognizing and charging the battery, leading to a frustrating, and sometimes dangerous, deadlock.

But with the SUNBEAMsystem DRIVE, this issue is effortlessly resolved. Simply open your smartphone, tap on the notification from our dedicated app that links to your battery, and confirm when prompted. This action reactivates the battery’s ability to communicate with the charger, initiating the charging process and closely monitoring the critical initial phase. This straightforward yet innovative solution not only eliminates frustration but also ensures your safety and convenience, truly embodying the principle that sometimes the simplest solutions are the most revolutionary.

The Multi Layered Safety Concept

The answer to why SMART LITHIUM is safer than your old batteries

SUNBEAMsystem’s SMART LITHIUM batteries are designed with an unparalleled safety architecture, distinguishing them from conventional lithium-ion technologies. Here’s how we ensure the highest safety standards:

  1. Advanced Chemistry for Superior Safety
    Unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries, which have been linked to safety incidents, our batteries utilize Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry. This is widely recognized as the safest battery chemistry available, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.
  2. Built-in Fire Safety Valves
    Each cell is equipped with a fire safety valve, a critical safety feature that acts as a last line of defense. In extreme scenarios, such as if the battery were exposed to intense heat or fire, these valves would activate to mitigate any potential hazards, ensuring safety.
  3. Comprehensive Electronic Protection
    Beyond physical safety mechanisms, our batteries are fortified with an advanced electronic protection system. This proactive system not only safeguards the batteries by ensuring they are operated within safe parameters but also responds dynamically to protect against unforeseen incidents.

Certified Safety Under All Conditions

Our batteries are rigorously tested to withstand extreme conditions without sacrificing safety. Their bolted, solder-free rigid layout, along with the preference for cylindrical over prismatic cells, significantly bolsters safety.

Certified Resistance To:

● Penetration, Crushing, Fire
● Repeated Vibrations, Shock Impact
● Short Circuiting, Overcharging

Thanks to these extensive safety features, SUNBEAMsystem’s SMART LITHIUM emerges as one of the market’s safest battery choices. Our commitment to layered safety has granted the SMART LITHIUM series a distinguished air transport certification under UN 38.3 legislation, underscoring its outstanding safety credentials.

Multi Connect App

Unparalleled Convenience at your Fingertips

Exclusively for SUNBEAMsystem battery users, the Multi Connect APP revolutionizes the way you manage multiple batteries within a domestic bank. It stands out with its array of user-centric features:

Seamless Integration with BMS
Directly access comprehensive battery information without the need for external sensors or shunts, ensuring you get accurate data straight from the source.

Intuitive Notifications & Top Bar Indicator
Maintain awareness of your vessel’s battery status effortlessly. The app displays your battery’s state of charge right alongside your phone’s battery level for constant visibility, complemented by informative notifications.

Aggregate Group Information
Designed with the understanding that batteries often function in concert, the app presents a unified view of your battery group, eliminating the hassle of toggling between individual units.

Customizable Interface
Tailor the app’s layout and screen size to your preferences. If you have several vessels then easily add them to a quick list. The app continuously evolves, offering free updates and new features to enhance your experience.

Show information from other sensors and products
Show info and control other Multi Connect App compatible hardware.

Local & Internet sharing
Benefit from the Mobile Smart Home solutions.

The MULTI CONNECT APP embodies our dedication to innovation and convenience, providing SUNBEAMsystem users with a smart, streamlined way to manage their battery systems efficiently and effectively.

Create a true Smart Mobile Home

Elevate Your On-The-Go Living with the Mobile Smart Home Functionalit

Unlock unparalleled convenience aboard your yacht or RV with the free Mobile Smart Home feature within the Multi Connect app. With just a flip of a switch in the app, you can effortlessly integrate smart home capabilities into your mobile lifestyle. Opt for a tablet of your choice, selecting the ideal size for your space, and mount it securely using our universal wall bracket for an efficient, stylish control panel / instrument. Incorporate our Screen Power Saver (PIR) to ensure that your central hub maintains minimal energy usage.

Enhanced Features of the Mobile Smart Home

On-Wall Control Center
A dedicated tablet serves as your sophisticated, on-wall smart home command station, offering convenience and control at your fingertips.

Local Device Sharing
Seamlessly share access and control with all crew members on board, enabling a cohesive and connected living environment.

Internet Sharing for Remote Access
Extend smart home functionalities to yourself & family, allowing them to stay connected and informed, no matter where you are. (requires the tablet of your choice to have internet access i.e. sim card).

Real-Time Online Dashboard
Access an exclusive web page that provides up-to-date statistics and controls for your smart home system, available from anywhere in the world.

Compatibility with Expanding Ecosystem
Our system, compatible with a wide range of devices and sensors, enhances integration and living experience. Featuring Moonray charge controllers and Smart Switch among others, our ever-expanding ecosystem is compatible with the Multi Connect App.

The Smart Home functionality in the Multi Connect app is specifically designed for yachts and RVs, providing an easy, innovative solution to manage your living space. It not only simplifies control over your environment but also ensures that your mobile home or yacht is equipped with the latest in smart technology, adaptable to your unique lifestyle needs.


• Solar panel security and added life expectancy
• Increased performance utilizing solar panels connected in parallel

To ensure the longevity of your solar panels you should always connect them in parallel. Added benefit is that the overall performance increase in a shadow rich environment as on a vessel.

Normally 24V /36V / 48V battery systems would require serial connections of the solar panels which is no longer needed with the Genasun BOOST controllers.
Simply connect a single solar panel or panels in parallel and let your Genasun do the magic.


DRIVE ModelCapacityCell TypeSystem VoltageSuitable ChargerMax. MotorWeightDimensions
DRIVE 12V 1000Wh1000 WhCylindrical 3265012V12V charger (if 36V -> 3-channel)55 lbs (36V 125lbs)10.8kg32.3 x 17.1 x 22 cm
DRIVE 12V 1400Wh1400 WhCylindrical 3265012V12V charger (if 36V -> 3-channel)65 lbs (36V 135lbs)13.8kg32.3 x 17.1 x 22 cm
DRIVE 24V 1400Wh1400 WhCylindrical 3265024V24V charger85 lbs13.8kg32.3 x 17.1 x 22 cm
DRIVE 36V 1380Wh1380 WhCylindrical 3265036V2.3kW, CC/CV top 43.8V2.3kW14.2kg32.3 x 17.1 x 22 cm
DRIVE 48V 1400Wh1440 WhCylindrical 3265048V3kW, CC/CV top 54.75V3kW14.2kg32.3 x 17.1 x 22 cm
DRIVE 48V Prismatic 5kWh 5kW5.1 kWhPrismatic48V5kW, CC/CV top 54.75V5kW38kg52 x 26.9 x 22 cm
DRIVE 48V Prismatic 10kWh 5kW10 kWhPrismatic48V (51.2V)5kW, CC/CV top 58.4V5kW110kg55 x 45 x 28.5 cm
DRIVE 48V Prismatic 10kWh 10kW10 kWhPrismatic48V (51.2V)10kW, CC/CV top 58.4V10kW110kg55 x 45 x 28.5 cm
DRIVE 48V Active Cylindric 10kWh 10kW10 kWhCyl32650 / Active Balancing48V (51.2V)10kW, CC/CV top 58.4V10kW110kg 64 x 49.2 x 29.5 cm

(*) Maximum End of charge  58.4V (accepts both 57.6V and 58.4V)
(**) Maximum End of charge 54.75V
(***) Maximum End of charge 43.8V

DRIVE 48V Cylindric Active 10kWh 10kW
Capacity10 kWh
Cell TypeCyl32650 / Active Balancing
System Voltage48V (51.2V)
Suitable charger10kW, CC/CV top 58.4V
Max. Motor10 kW
Dimensions64 x 49.2 x 29.5 cm

Additional information

Weight110 kg
Dimensions54 × 42 × 27.3 cm