a true Plug & Play installation

Battery upgrade without equipment exchange

The UNIQUE upgrade for your yacht or motorhome household batteries. An upgrade using Smart Lithium Plug & Play is as simple as replacing the batteries. You will instantly be able to enjoy the latest technology effortlessly. In fact, there’s NO need for extensive installation planning or support. NOR is any purchase of extra equipment needed. You can now definitely enjoy all the benefits of Smart Lithium and leave the old anxiety behind.

Give extra care to your Smart Lithium Battery on mobile or fixed installations.

You know how bumpy the road can be until you reach that favorite spot of yours. It´s fine and well, kind of fun, right? Such is your adventurous spirit. Now you can keep your Smart Lithium battery well-protected wherever you decide to go. The SUNBEAMsystem Silicone Case for Smart Lithium Drive and  Smart Lithium Plug & Play prolongs your battery life, keeping it well protected from undesired impacts and scratches. Also, if your battery is fixed installed, the Silicone Casing helps to keep it nice and tight in place, absorbing some vibration and impacts along the way.

Compatible with:
• All Smart Lithium Plug & Play models.
• Smart Lithium Drive 12V and 24V models.

Effortlessly connect your old-style pole clamps to a Smart Lithium battery.

Our adaptors are made with 100% copper.
It’s 3 times better than brass when you compare the conductivity of the materials.

Included in package
1x Positive pole
2x negative pole
2x HEX M8 bolts
1x Threadlock